Please see below for an opportunity to send tomato seeds to the ISS!

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Let’s Talk about Tomatosphere™! A program offered by Let’s Talk Science, where we send tomato seeds that have spent time on the International Space Station to teachers – for FREE.

We would love the teachers in your Board to know about this great program. Tomatosphere™ registration is open to all educators teaching Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Canada, and we have lots of seeds left for this spring.

Click here to download or save a flyer that can be circulated to your educators and/or administrators to let them know more about how to get involved!

Visit to take a look at the classroom resources we offer to go along with the program. All resources are divided by grade ranges and curriculum aligned to help your educators make the most of this program.

In case you are new to Tomatosphere™, here is a quick snapshot of the program:

  • Uses the excitement of space exploration as a context for teaching students the skills and processes of science experimentation and inquiry.
  • Compares the percent germination of tomato seeds which have been treated in space or space-like conditions with a control set of seeds.
  • Available to Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and their educators at no cost.
  • Applicable to curriculum topics across many disciplines including living things, plants, soil, habitats, space, nutrition, weather, environment along with scientific processes.

We truly appreciate your support. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me, Lorna Collins, at You can also reach me by phone at 519-474-4081 x231.

Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,

Lorna Collins
Project Coordinator
Tomatosphere™/Let’s Talk Science

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