Global Youth Institute 2018 in Iowa!

2018 Global Youth Institute (GYI) will be held this fall in Des Moines, Iowa, Oct 17-20.


The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture will once again be accepting applications in order to select two students and their teachers or mentors to attend.


Global Youth Institute Poster (shown to the right) : GYI Poster 2018


If you are interested (or know other educators you think would be), please fill in or circulate the following application.

GYI Fillable Application Form 2018




Saskatoon Teachers: Pharmacy Students in Your Classroom

Greetings all!

Shayan Shirazi ( and her fellow pharmacy students at the University of Saskatchewan would love to present to your science (Biology, Chemistry) classrooms specifically on topics of drugs and medicines!

This is a great opportunity for your classroom to get connected with students from the university, not only providing these pharmacy students with an opportunity for community involvement and outreach but also to get some knowledgeable, eager, and enthusiastic post-secondary perspectives in your classroom!

Send Shayan an email for more information!



Please see below for an opportunity to send tomato seeds to the ISS!

  • Logan

Let’s Talk about Tomatosphere™! A program offered by Let’s Talk Science, where we send tomato seeds that have spent time on the International Space Station to teachers – for FREE.

We would love the teachers in your Board to know about this great program. Tomatosphere™ registration is open to all educators teaching Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Canada, and we have lots of seeds left for this spring.

Click here to download or save a flyer that can be circulated to your educators and/or administrators to let them know more about how to get involved!

Visit to take a look at the classroom resources we offer to go along with the program. All resources are divided by grade ranges and curriculum aligned to help your educators make the most of this program.

In case you are new to Tomatosphere™, here is a quick snapshot of the program:

  • Uses the excitement of space exploration as a context for teaching students the skills and processes of science experimentation and inquiry.
  • Compares the percent germination of tomato seeds which have been treated in space or space-like conditions with a control set of seeds.
  • Available to Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and their educators at no cost.
  • Applicable to curriculum topics across many disciplines including living things, plants, soil, habitats, space, nutrition, weather, environment along with scientific processes.

We truly appreciate your support. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me, Lorna Collins, at You can also reach me by phone at 519-474-4081 x231.

Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,

Lorna Collins
Project Coordinator
Tomatosphere™/Let’s Talk Science

Canadian Light Source – Student Experience

Choose a topic, collect your samples, and visit the CLS to conduct your experiment!

This new program provides an engaging opportunity for secondary students to experience a scientific investigation connected to curriculum. Visit for available dates.


Food Science – How might geographic location and differences in soil composition affect the elemental composition, (particularly nutrients) of coffee beans you can purchase locally?
How might the nutrients and related chemistry of locally-grown or collected traditional plants compare with the chemistry of vitamin supplements?

Soil Science – How might chemical composition of soils differ based on the ecozone from which they were collected?
How does chemistry change between each horizon of soil from the same ecozone?
How does exposure to human activity such as simulated agricultural runoff or simulated acid rain affect the chemistry of soils?


PDF version of this opportunity here: Light Source Student Experience

Canadian Chemistry Contest 2018

Physical Science 20 and Chemistry 30 teachers!

If you have some promising chemistry students in grade eleven consider having them participate in the 2018 Canadian Chemistry Contest. Details and information below!

– Logan Petlak

Dear Fellow Chemistry Teacher:

My name is Andrew Chan; I am a lab instructor with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Regina and the District Coordinator for Saskatchewan for the Canadian Chemistry Contest.  I am writing to invite the chemistry students in your school to participate in the 2018 Canadian Chemistry Contest (CCC) and Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (CCO) National Selection Exam. The 2018 CCC and CCO National Selection Exam will be held on April 16th, 2018.

The CCC and the CCO National Selection Exam are a nationwide contest aimed towards the top 10% of high school students in their penultimate year (typically Grade 11). The national winner as well as the top three regional winners are recognized and receive a cash prize.

The CCC is a multi-part contest consisting of multiple choice and written response questions.  The CCO National Selection Exam is written as part of the national team selection process.  The selection exam consists of the same multiple choice test as the CCC in additional to a different written response questions than the CCC.  Either test is completed in 2.5 hours, or 4 hours if students wish to complete both the CCC and CCO parts of the exam.

If you would like to have more information, I have attached two documents that provide more detail about the contests.
<In English: E4 Invitation and Registration InformationE5 Information Letter to Teachers >
<In French:  F4 French Invitation and Registration InformationF5 French Information Letter to Teachers >

If you wish to register your school for the contest, you may visit the following website to register.

Looking forward to seeing your students participate in the contest.

Andrew Chan
Lab Instructor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Regina

EYES (Educating Youth in Engineering and Science)

If you’re a Grade K-9 Science Educator wanting to participate in a science and engineering workshop alongside EYES, based out of the University of Regina, give the information below a look!

(Here’s a paper registration sheet if you don’t want to do a digital registration) – EYES-Workshop-Paper-Registration-Form
-Logan Petlak


My name is Ashlee and I am the new assistant coordinator at EYES (educating youth in engineering and science). As you may know, we are a non profit science and engineering outreach program run out of the University of Regina. In May and June we run workshops all around Saskatchewan where we do fun hands on activities to engage youth in engineering and science fields. I have attached our workshop package (Workshop Package 2018) and workshop calendar (workshop calendar 2018 (1)) along with our paper and digital registration forms (Digital Workshop Registration Form 2018). Attached is also an information letter for the principals (Principal Letter 2018).

Thank you and have a great day!

Ashlee Sandiford
EYES Assistant Coordinator | Faculty of Engineering | University of Regina | S4S 0A2
phone: (306) 585-5209 | fax: (306) 337-3137 |


SAIT Programs, Resources and Nuclear Medicine Technology Career Info!

The following are excerpts from email from Adam Thurston of SAIT encouraging you to look into resources and opportunities available through SAIT, specifically their Nuclear Medicine Technology program!

SAIT Health and Public Safety Programs Brochure 18-19
S2017-07-00187-Nuclear Medicine Technology-Info Sheet

Check it out!
– Logan

[Good afternoon,

I’d like to first introduce myself. I’m the marketing and communications specialist at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology(SAIT) for the School of Health and Public Safety.]

[The reason I’m reaching out to you today is we have a number of programs offered at SAIT that have interprovincial agreements in place offering reserved seats for residents of Saskatchewan.]

[We are looking for additional ways to ensure that individuals in Saskatchewan are aware of these opportunities and disseminate information within the province [for] individuals who are looking at the career options available to them. In particular our Nuclear Medicine Technology program.

We have a number of materials that can be provided in soft copy versions, which I’ve included here, and would be happy to share hardcopy versions should you want this format.

Thank you,

Adam Thurston
Marketing Specialist

School of Health and Public Safety
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Senator Burns Building, NL110
1301 – 16 Avenue NW, Calgary AB, T2M 0L4



Zero Waste Planet Protector Academy in SK

TD Friends of Environment Foundation has paid for teachers in Saskatchewan to receive the Planet Protector Academy: Zero Heroes teaching resource, at no cost to schools! Can you please forward this email to your Grades 2-7 teachers?

Planet Protector Academy: Zero Heroes 

A fun, engaging teaching resource on waste & consumption issues that supports curriculum outcomes for Grades 3-6.

Fully funded (no cost!) to teachers in Saskatchewan, the Zero Heroes resource helps you:

  • Meet Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes for Grades 3-6 in arts, science, language and social studies
  • Save time with 6x1hr pre-planned lessons – no training required
  • Engage diverse learners through a fun arts-based and interdisciplinary approach

Sign up for your class @
Want to know more? Check out the two-minute video for a quick overview!


PDF (CL_PPA-ZH_Canada_Saskatchewan_Grades_3-6) of Outcome(s) it targets!

Resource: Animals at Risk From Climate Change Poster

Global Education Project

To see the additional components of the poster in detail, or to order, please visit:

For more information,
contact Melanie at:
Phone: 206-261-1453

Additional Info – Contact:

aniamsl at risk.png

Full pdf available here –> _animals at risk+

Classroom Opportunity: Fish Market Survey by Let’s Talk Science


Fish Market Survey Action Project.png


The PDF is available here –> FISH MARKET SURVEY Information-Sept2017!

More Information: Fish Market Survey Action Project

Last Year’s Data: Fish Market Survey Results 2017

Register online

Want to know more? Contact: